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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Important Terms and Conditions

By purchasing of any soft contact lens above, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

* I understand KandyColor is not medical doctor, opticians or optometrist and I should consult eye doctor before placing order, especially with power prescription lenses
* I agree that all the orders / prescription / options / particulars listed in the check out page is correct and true.
* I am purchasing the product with my own credit card. Or I have the permission to make the purchase using others credit card with their consent
* I fully assume all risk from KandyColor and release KandyColor from all legal liability. I understand that wearing contact lenses by their nature carry risk of injury and eye infection if lacks of proper care or guidelines are not followed. I have read the wear and care guide to minimize the risk, and understand that the risk of injury can never be totally eliminated.
* I understand that the local tax or custom duties are of my responsibility
* I agree that any delay caused by local custom department is not a responsibility of KandyColor.com
* I have read and understand the Return & Exchange policy


Having read and agreed to our Return & Exchange policies.

1. Due to different monitor settings, please keep in mind that the actual colours of the contact lenses may not match 100% with those on your screen. Everything that we sell is in stock, so you do not need to wait for backorders. However, if an item is incorrectly listed as in stock on our website and it happens to be actually out of stock, we will refund your payment as soon as we recognise this disparity.

2. We cannot be held responsible for any health issues that arise. If you practice proper hygiene and take good care of your lenses, you should have no problems wearing them!

3. No refunds/exchanges due to buyer’s remorse or mistake (e.g. wrong colour, prescription or delivery address supplied)

4. Prescription lenses are for myopic correction only. We do not have lenses for hyperopia.

5. We will replace incorrect lenses. Defective lenses can be replaced, but they must either be mailed back to us or have a verification photo supplied, and be intact in the original sealed vial so we can submit feedback to our suppliers and have them give the replacement to us. We must receive notification of incorrect or defective items within 2 weeks of their receipt by the customer; we do not provide replacements past this timeframe. Customers may be required to pay for the additional postage charge depending on the situation.

6. We are not responsible if your country’s customs charges you taxes and duties.

7. All items are checked to be in perfect condition when we despatch them. We are not liable or responsible for any losses or breakages during shipment.

These rules are subject to change any time without notification.